Our most important design tool: vision.

We’re guided by our vision to design spaces that ignite
our every sense, and yours.


Great design doesn't just look good on paper or in a photograph.
It's not something you can measure with a scale-rule.
Or see on a CAD drawing.
It's not as much about seeing, as feeling.

You'll feel when it's right.

And you can take comfort in the fact that with a rich history and depth of experience — from residential additions to multimillion-dollar commercial developments — our vision is based on more than feeling or intuition. It's born from true perspective.
With smarter, environmentally sustainable designs, you'll experience the benefits of our foresight long after our job is done.




The best architecture references the past but represents a bold vision for the future. So too, does the re-branded Ascui & Co. Architects.

Initially formed in 1998 as Ascui Edwards Architects, the new Ascui & Co. heralds a new chapter, with directors Gonzalo Ascui and Martin Schacher at the helm.

We’re re-focused towards a new vision: to practice the 'art' of architecture, in every detail on every project, making each a study in the best use of light, shape,texture and colour.

It's a vision shared by our revitalised team, respectful of our past but excited by this guiding principle and clear purpose for the future.
Our legacy will be structures that trigger the imagination and transform the space around them. Buildings that orientate people by pointing them in unexpected directions.

Ours is an approach that hasn't gone unnoticed:

2000 Port Phillip Design & Development Award
14 - 16 Fitzroy Street St Kilda (Vasari)

2001 Dulux Colour Awards
14 – 16 Fitzroy Street St Kilda (Vasari)

2002 City of Stonnington Urban Design Award
1919 Malvern Rd Malvern East

2011 City of Boroondara Urban Design Award
111 Riversdale Rd Hawthorn (Diva)

2010 City of Port Phillip Urban Art Award
17 Robe Street St Kilda (Alliance)

2014 City of Port Phillip Design Development Award
1 - 5 storeys (Linear)